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MCOC just is no longer worth the money or effort. The updates only make the game a progressively bigger money grab and it becomes too expensive and/or time consuming to even continue. I played the game for about 1.5 yrs and became an almost 200K player. I became increasingly disinterested in the game and just decided to quit. Everything costs huge amounts of money and time. It's not even fun anymore. Read more

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  • From mobile
  • 2 days ago
  • #925737

I love mcoc,but the main problem i face is connection problem showing "problem on connecting network" even if i m using 4G. Why is this happening?, kabam should find a cure.

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  • From mobile
  • Sep 18
  • #920985

I like the game but their where two things that happened it stop at a four star red hulk and then the game glitch out and I didn't get him and the same thing happened with a four star unstoppable colossus but like i said the game is very fun

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I just saved all my crystal shard crystals and nothing registered I should have accumulated over 3500 4 star shards over 17000 3 star shard over 80,000 premiums shard nothing registered, I no longer want to play this game and want a refund of all the money I spent on this game 2nd week in a row it has done this. I will also take this up with my ITunes account.I spent good money on this game just to feel robbed Read more

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I purchased 10,000 diamonds submitted numerous tickets. emailed kabam support. Only to be told the case was closed. How can it be closed? I still don't have the diamonds. Excuse me!!! where is my product??? I purchased $100 dollars of something I didn't get. They won't help. I am angry, disgruntled, appalled, disappointed. You name it and I am feeling it. Oh definitely feel ripped off. I put up with the daily lags of the game, constant... Read more

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Why does my opponent character (an 2 star Drax that was not even Awakened) able to deal damage in the range of 70 to 110 points with their normal hits? Where my Wolverine which was awakened and at Level 29 only deal damage in the range of 20 to 40 to Drax? Also why does this Drax take 1/3 of my health with his level 2 special attack whereas my level 3 special attack only takes 1/5 of Drax's health? I guess this is how the comapny setup the... Read more

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I thought tgis game can't cheat any more. Well I guessed wrong. After the update forced to be done on 08/19/2016, all mu attackes got nerfed. Where my characters would deal damage around 50 to 90 points of damage before the update, mow my characters only deal 20 to 30 points of damage. The computer controlled characters deal about 70 to 100 points of damage. What ever you do don't play this game unless you want to be cheated and frustrated... Read more

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A few months ago, some punks tried to intimidate me in the contest of champions game and me beung human defended myself by telking these punks to leave me the *** alone, since then Kabam has taken away my chat and when I asked why, tells me they don't tolerate bullying and therefore ny chat will be limited until they feel like lifting this ban. They're literally the worse when it comes to customer service and unless you are spending hundreds on... Read more

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Kabam - Me and my wife permanant banned
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me and my wife account got banned permanently i was a leader of a 2.4m alliance and rating was 98k ive never done anything wrong nor has my wife in the past a new member joined my alliance and told me about a know damage mod i used it on chapt 4 and me my wife and the guy who joined my alliance got banned he got banned for 157 hrs me and my wife permanently i contacted google and was able to recover 600 dollars out of the 3800 dollars that i... Read more

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  • From mobile
  • Aug 14
  • #900228

i had experience trouble purchasing cavalry discord crystal. i decided to buy it because it includes GUARANTEED 4star skill and many more items. i spent $15 buying units(which i never had issues buying them) but kabam failed to give me the bundle that i bought for those units.

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