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My 3 posts got deleted by a moderator

Till now my case does not reconsider to check again.

I am creating the discussion as support team is not helping me out from unbanning my Account.

The incident happened when I was playing AQ Map5 on iPhone6. All linked node was removed for Boss so this time was to try with RULK with Boss.

When I start fighting he was at 71% and my RULK was at around 50% not sure.

I start fighting with 2 Heat charge and I push him to SP2 after he used his sp2 I got max heat charge and I RULK start hitting like truck around 8K per hit.

I defeated him in 50 hits and I took 2 hits. I was very happy to take him to down as it was my 1st time when I took him down from 71% to 0% but after that, I got a message "Score earned 0" so I took a screenshot of that for asking my alliance team member.

Refer: Image 1

After that I got the message "You have disconnected, please check your internet connection and try again" I click on a button I got another message.

Refer: Image 2

I asked my alliance what happened to Dormu and what I got is in below screenshot.

Refer: Image 3

I admit I cheated once when I was at a low level to get good champ faster but that doesn't mean that I will cheat again and again.

When the 1st time I got banned I got to know if I do anything like that they will surely find out so is stopped cheating. Last month also I got banned for 720 hours and the reason was same. I defeated both Mini-Boss and I scored 963,263 and that was the highest score that I earned in AQ until that time.

Refer: Image 4

Not sure what algorithm they are using but I am 100% sure I am not using any mode version for playing at this level as i have enough god-tier champ to take down any once.

Here is my top champ with my profile.

Refer: Image 5

My case number is 04764250, 04763728, 04763728, 04765224.

They are sending me the same email(Maybe automated mail) every time and before I can reply they are sending(Automated) mail that this {xyz} case is closed. Without solving the problem how they are closing the case. Please look into that as I am not satisfied with your support team.

They really don't care about this case than I need each and every penny that I spend on this game.

They won't care if you spend money and keep cheating but when you stop buying units they will ban your account.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2379.

Preferred solution: Either refund or unbanned my account last time.

I liked: Marvel contest of champions, Great until this heart broken incident.

I didn't like: Account deletion.

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I had the same problem I got my account baned first time for account sharing for 7 days after that I change the password and just me was the only one who play on the account. After 1 week they baned me for 30 days, I dident get any explication why...afetr that 30 days they baned my account permanently. It's make me angry that no one from the support team don't answer me why they baned my account and for every ticket send I receive the same 3 robot answer!

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