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Update by user Aug 20, 2016

Going on 11 days not and still nothing has happened I've done everything that I can think of to get a full refund or me and my wife profile back the person that I let join my alliance and told me about the mod is back playing the game where as me and my wife profile still stand alone on an alliance tek09 is the tag to the alliance my gamer tag is nick79nm my wife is Mrs nick79nm we are still on the alliance my rating is 98k and it's almost as if Kabam is taunting me by leaving my profile there and not removing it everyday I look at it and get pissed off by of all the time and money I spent on just my profile alone and bc I used a no damage mod for 2 lines on chapter 4 and never cheated In the past and only had the mod on for 16 hrs b4 they permanently banned me and my wife and the guy who joined my alliance and mentioned the mod to me and provided me with the link is back on his profile playing bc he. Only got banned for 157hrs like I said I been playing since August of 2015 and I've never cheated b4 and did not use the mod on Areana or aq only 2 lines on chapter 4 I admit what I did wrong wasn't right but I didn't use it to beat rol only 2 lines on chapter four and I would of been fine with 157hr banned but permanently after I spent 3800 dollars on the game and just unlocked the new masteries is fair at all I should of been notified of the situation and given a chance to correct what I did was wrong but from going from never had a ban b4 ever not even a warning to being permanently banned and my wife on our 9th yr anaversery just isn't right Kabam doesn't care about the player's if they did they would of thoroughly looked at my case and anyone with a heart and common sense would see that what they did was the wrong way to go about it I will not give up on trying to get my profile reinstated I want to say thanks to Alex at Google Play support Team for being so helpful in this matter and providing me the links and information I need to get my profile back and recuperating 600 dollars out of the 4k I put into the game and I would like for the ones that think this is unfair to please provide me with any information that may have that could help me or please do anything that you can think of to help me in this matter thanks for taking the time you of your day to read this thank you guys and God bless

Update by user Aug 17, 2016

They banned me and my wife profile for having a 3rd party application that I used for less than 24hrs and we both got permanently banned but the person that gave me the link for the 3rd party application only got banned for 157 hrs and is already playing on his profile

Original review posted by user Aug 16, 2016

me and my wife account got banned permanently i was a leader of a 2.4m alliance and rating was 98k ive never done anything wrong nor has my wife in the past a new member joined my alliance and told me about a know damage mod i used it on chapt 4 and me my wife and the guy who joined my alliance got banned he got banned for 157 hrs me and my wife permanently i contacted google and was able to recover 600 dollars out of the 3800 dollars that i spent on the game i filed a complaint against them and google is helping me also by providing me with the info i need to get a full refund from kabam i was lucky to get the 600 dollars but its unfair that me and my wife got banned permanently and we never been banned or even had a warning just a message saying we were banned and the guy that told me about the mod only got banned for 157 hrs i spent almost 4k on the game between units and masteries there should of been a warning or a chance to fix what i was doing wrong didnt even have the mod on for 24 hrs very unprofessional

Product or Service Mentioned: Kabam Marvel Contest Of Champions Video Game.

Reason of review: For Google support team being so helpful.

I liked: Marvel contest of champions.

I didn't like: Account unjustly banned.

Company wrote 0 private or public responses to the review from Aug 16, 2016.
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North York, Ontario, Canada #1199598

That is so ***. I had something similar happen a few months ago and I'm still waiting on them to resolve my issues.

to Anonymous Orlando, Florida, United States #1199728

Yeah it isn't fair at all in the tos it also says that they can just banned your account for no reason if they want to it's under termination in the tos luckily I got a really nice person at Google who helped me recover some of the money that I invested but not all of it but she did more than she was supposed to and she's been communicating with me through email to help me try to recover me and my wife profile or a hole refund just goes to show that there are ppl out there who care and understand your situation

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