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Contest of champions

Iron Man (Infinity War) is an overpowered god at defense, and a very reliable attacker. However superior iron man is based after Iron Man (Infinity War), why is superior iron man not given heavier advantages? Why can his fighting abilities and styles be compared to regular Iron Man


Kingdom of camlot

How do I find or get more Advanced Training Credentials and how do I get building Illumination you can text me at 7278584078 email I like text better thanks


Marvels contest of champions

I sold a lot of my characters yesterday and I regret it is there anyway I can get them back I don’t care if you take away the rewards I got from selling them I just want them back pls is there anyway


Not working

Hello can u please sort my contest of champions game out please


Accessioning my account

Hi my name is nick and I just resonantly made a contest of champion account on my mobile device and now it says when I try to log in this is not a valid email witch it is..So please help me You can reach me at


Why can't I play the game after I updated it a week ago? Why do the game show me service error when I try to log on?


It won't let me play the new transformers game they came out with


Why did my crystal not work?

I bought a frosty crystal today and it landed on a 4 star iceman! I was sooo happy.

I shortly found out that I didn't get him, it landed and stopped on him but the crystal gave me a vision age of ultron, and now I wasted my units. Please help.


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